NatWest PPI Claims Guide

The NatWest Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)  miss-selling scandal can be trace back as early as 1990 possibly earlier.  Natwest PPI continues to make  the new headlines for all the wrong reasons and impact borrowers today. 

But the two fundamental questions that you must ask yourself are:

  • Were you mis-sold Natwest PPI?
  • Are you entitled to compensation through a Natwest PPI claim?

Your response to these questions are crucial because many Natwest & RBS borrowers today are discovering that they have paid thousands of pounds for some form of RBS PPI. 

In some cases severe cases the overall costs of the PPI when you factor in the PPI and the compensation works out to be much more than the overall amount that was borrowed. As you seek answers those questions, a little background is in order to help you understand the mirky world of PPI mis-selling. Many borrowers may not even be familiar with PPI, and that is one of the reasons NatWest / RBS are being inundated by borrowers who were mis-sold this insurance. In fact, many customers who were sold PPI by the RBS / Natwest  paid very high price for it. Some never knew that it was part of the mortgage , loan or credit card that they were getting. However, that is only one of the ways PPI was mis-sold there are many more, in fact the list of reasons are endless. 

If you think you were a victim of being sold PPI please click here now and we will tell  if you were sold PPI and we will help you establish if you were mis-sold PPI.

PPI Basics 

PPI - Payment Protection Insurance is designed to take over payments on credit borrowing when borrowers are unable to make the payments themselves perhaps as a result of becoming unemployed or ill. In the case of the mis-sold Natwest PPI, the insurance was sold to cover a variety of products including NatWest mortgages.  Also mis-sold were Natwest credit card PPI and personal loan PPI (secured and unsecured). So you have taken out any of these kinds of credit, then there is a real possibility that you were mis-sold your PPI policy by Natwest or the RBS group.  Above we mentioned one way that sales advisors mis-sold the PPI, but it certainly was not the only way this occurred. 

How NatWest PPI was mis-sold 

Some borrowers did not even know that they were purchasing Natwest PPI when they signed their credit agreements. This is because some credit agreements had boxes that were pre-ticked to automatically include this form of insurance. Such customers had to opt-out of the PPI rather than opt-in! This is a case where it was not made clear to the borrower that the PPI was, in fact, optional. In some instances, borrowers were made to feel that they would not qualify if they did not accept the PPI, or that the loan application process would be stopped if the borrower did not agree to the insurance. 

Other Ways PPI was mis-sold 

Some borrowers were sold the wrong or inadequate PPI and should make a NatWest PPI claim. For example, the term of the PPI sold was shorter than the term of the loan. Other cases involve borrowers who took out a loan jointly, however the PPI only covered one borrower. Further, if you were already covered through work or elsewhere, you should not have been sold the PPI. If you are self-employed, you may have a claim for compensation. On many occasions NatWest PPI policies did not cover self-employed individuals when their businesses went bust. If this is your situation, where you informed of this fact? Also, if you were unemployed when you took out the loan and purchased the PPI, there is a good chance you were wrongly sold the insurance. NatWest parent company RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) was fined heavily by the regulator for taking too long on claims, sometimes dismissing cases without thoroughly investigating all the facts. There a re many more violators and the list is extensive and you can review the main offenders here. The Financial Services Authority won its court battle against the British Bankers’ Association in 2011, resulting in up to £4.5bn in compensation to mis-sold borrowers—the number has increased since then. The exact conditions and amounts vary from lender to lender and the list of these lenders is extensive. 

Many Claims Wrongly Rejected 

Above we noted that this scandal continues to make front-page headlines across the United Kingdom. Much of the news today concerns the high number of  Natwest rejected PPI claims. If you have suffered a rejected NatWest PPI claim, you need to know that you may still be able to eligible for PPI compensation. Major media reports are detailing how thousands of PPI claims are NOT being upheld by Natwest PPI claims division. In fact, some lenders including Royal Bank of Scotland are claiming that customers never even had PPI to begin with, even though these borrowers have the proof. 

Don’t Go It Alone 

The overwhelming volume of claims and the banks’ desire to deny or reduce compensation has created a difficult situation for borrowers. Although borrowers can file their own claims, in today’s climate it is much safer and wiser to use an experienced and dedicated service. If you had Natwest PPI for a loan, credit card or mortgage between 1990 and 2010 and suspect or know you were paying for PPI, please contact us immediately. For all our clients we assign a dedicated claims manager who makes the process easy for you—there’s no paperwork required. Your claims manager will tell you if you have been mis-sold, so you no longer have any doubt about where you stand. Earlier we discussed the incredible number of claims that are being improperly rejected by banks. In fact, the scandal seems to be even worsening in that regard. If your PPI claim was rejected during the last six months, we can give you the help you need, use our contact form. No Paperwork – No paper work is required in order to perform the search, however if you have any documents that support PPI policy on your account then please provide this information.

Now is the Time to Act 

Finally, we think you must know one more fact as you make your decision: There are reports that major lenders—including the Natwest Parent company RBS who are holding secret meetings with the regulator the Financial Ombudsman Service to put a deadline on new PPI claims. So far they have been unsuccessful, but as more and more banks close ranks the lobby becomes much more powerful. So now it is a question of when and not if when a deadline will be imposed. With our experience and knowledge, we can answer all of your questions and handle all the details of your claim from beginning to end. This just demonstrates the urgency of making your claim now, make it count and get it done correctly, contact us today and let us fight your claim. You can rest assured that your Natwest PPI claim will receive the personal attention and advocacy that it both deserves and requires. Get the ball rolling all you have to do is complete the.

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